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Your new voicemail system has a lot to offer! This guide will help you maximize your productivity by making the most of the advanced features of your messaging system.

Accessing your Voicemail

You can access your voicemail in two (2) ways:

  • Enter the star code (*97) on the keyboard;
  • Press the message key on your phone or softphone.

First Usage

When logging into your voicemail for the first time, you will be asked for the following information:

  • Your name (your name is used in the phone book);
  • Your non-availability message (when you do not answer the phone);
  • Your busy message (when you're already on the phone);
  • A new password (your default password is your extension #).

Navigating your Voicemail

  • Click on the "Message" button on your phone/softphone or dial *97;
  • By default, the system will not ask you for your PIN to access your voicemail from your extension.
    (If you want this additional level of security you can request it from our support center.)
  • To exit the messaging system, please hang up.
  • Follow the options in the voicemail system tree (below)

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  • looking for information on how to set up a support extension. ie when i am on the phone or away from my desk, my voicemail greeting tells callers to press "0" if they need immediate assistance. how do i configure "0" to be the receptionist or my support person's extension?

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