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A Widget is an add-on which allows you to view fully customizable statistics based on view and criteria. You can view multiple Widgets on your dashboard, displaying the statistics you need at any time!

To modify your Layout and/or add/modify a Widget:

  • Ensure that the Date you would like to filter is correct:

  • Click the Layouts button;
  • Click Edit;

  • The Modify Layout/Add Widget options will now display:

  • Click Add Widget to display the Widget menu;
  • In the left menu pane, select the type of Widget you would like to configure:

* Calls by Status (Connected, Voicemail, Missed, No Answer)

* Calls by Tag (custom tags configured in your phone system)

* Progress (a bar graph that measures the value/percentage of a specified goal for multiple factors)

* Gauge (a pie chart that measures the percentage of a specified goal)

* Value (a number value representing a total)

* Queue Agents (agents logged into a queue)

When you have completed configuring your Widget, click Done on the bottom-right corner of the screen.

From your Dashboard, you can now:

  • Drag and Drop the Widget to the appropriate section on your Dashboard;
  • Resize the Widget horizontally and/or vertically:
  • Modify the parameters of the Widget:
  • Remove the Widget from your Dashboard.


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