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Call History

Matthew DiGiandomenico

The Call History window allows a user to view their unique call history, or an administrator to view the call history of every user in their phone system.

- To access the Call History window, click on in the top-left corner of your Croo Portal.

- To view your personal calls exclusively, enable the Show only my calls button:


- Click Add Filter to search for specific information in your call history list:

- Date: Filter calls based on date (eg. from May 18 2020 to June 18 2020)

- Direction: Outbound; Inbound; Internal

- Status: Connected (a call was answered); Voicemail (an incoming call was answered by voicemail); No Answer (an outbound call was not answered); Missed (an internal or inbound call was not answered). These filters can also be found at the bottom of the Call Table.

- Duration: The length of a call

- Extension: The extension involved in the call activity (outbound, inbound, internal, and voicemail)

*System: a call arrived in your system and was not directed to a specific individual

- Name: The name of an individual involved in a call (outbound, internal, and voicemail)

- External Phone Number: The phone number involved in the call (outbound, inbound, and voicemail)

- Internal Phone Number: The source phone number of the call from within your system (outbound only)

- Tag: Indicates a call tag associated with this call (configured in your phone system)


Call Options

Stream the call recording in your browser

Download the call recording

Copy the link of the call recording


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