Croo Portal - Call History

Matthew DiGiandomenico

The Call History window allows a user to view their unique call history, or an administrator to view the call history of every user in their phone system:

  • To access the Call History window, click on in the top-left corner of your Croo Portal.
  • To view your personal calls exclusively, enable the Show only my calls button:


  • Click Add Filter to search for specific information in your call history list:

  • Date: Filter calls based on date (eg. from May 18 2020 to June 18 2020)

  • Direction: Outbound; Inbound; Internal

  • Status: Connected (a call was answered); Voicemail (an incoming call was answered by voicemail); No Answer (an outbound call was not answered); Missed (an internal or inbound call was not answered). These filters can also be found at the bottom of the Call Table.

  • Duration: The length of a call

  • Extension: The extension involved in the call activity (outbound, inbound, internal, and voicemail)

*System: a call arrived in your system and was not directed to a specific individual

  • Name: The name of an individual involved in a call (outbound, internal, and voicemail)

  • External Phone Number: The phone number involved in the call (outbound, inbound, and voicemail)

  • Internal Phone Number: The source phone number of the call from within your system (outbound only)

  • Tag: Indicates a call tag associated with this call (configured in your phone system)


Call Options

  • Stream the call recording in your browser
  • Download the call recording
  • Copy the link of the call recording


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