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Installing and Configuring Bria Solo


Please use the following steps to configure and install Bria Solo:

1) Go to the following link:


... and enter the email address you'd like to be associated to your account. Click Next.

2) Enter the password you'd like to use. Click Next.

3) Enter your first and last name. Click Next.

4) On the "Review Service Terms" page, check the box "I agree to allow CounterPath to store and process my personal data." Click Accept Terms and Create Account.

5) Click Start Communicating.

6) On the new screen, click "First Step: Setup a Voice Account". On the "Set up a Voice Account" page, click Configure SIP Settings.

7) On the "Configure a Voice Account" page, enter the Domain (red), SIP Username (blue), and SIP/Voice Password (green). This information can be found in the Google Sheet document you were provided upon becoming a Foneco client. Click Next Step: Configure Service Settings.


8) In the Service Settings dialog box, change the values of the following fields:

         Transport: TLS

          Check "Self-Signed certificate support"

          Registration Time: 120

          Voicemail Number: *97


...click Next Step: Download a Client App.

9) Choose the download for the right operating system on the "Download Apps" page. Click Set up complete: To the Dashboard! after your download has completed.



10) After installing Bria Solo on your computer, the application will automatically connect to our servers. If it doesn't, please verify the settings you previously configured in the Dashboard:

          Click the Phone icon, seen here in blue:


On the following page, click the "Edit Extension" button, seen here in blue:


Verify the settings in the following fields, seen here in red:


If you are still experiencing errors after verifying these settings, you can contact us at support@foneco.co or by phone at 1-855-936-6326.


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