Bria Teams - Installation and Configuration


Before configuring your Bria Teams account, please ensure that you have the necessary SIP information from Croo. This information will be provided in a Google Sheet document.

  • Go to:
  • Select "Bria Team". The cost is 5$USD per installation.
  • Click "Continue with Bria Team".
  • Create an account, and log into the Counterpath dashboard.
  • Under "Voice", click on the Screen_Shot_2020-01-23_at_12.50.29_PM.png icon.
  • Select "Configure SIP Settings" and input the following information:


The domain will be your "Customer ID" in the Google Sheet document with the following format:

  • Click "Save" once the necessary fields have been modified.
  • Click "Team" and click the Screen_Shot_2020-01-23_at_1.13.42_PM.pngicon next to "Team Member" to add an extension.
  • Set up the extension with the email of the user, as well as the SIP information provided in the Google Sheet document:


  • Click "Add Members" once the necessary fields have been modified. The user will then receive an email with instructions to enter their information and to download the Bria Teams softphone:


  • Repeat steps 7 to 9 for each user.


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