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Installing and Configuring Bria Teams


Before setting your Bria Team account, please ensure that you have the necessary SIP information from Foneco. This information will be provided in a Google Sheet document.

1. Go to: https://www.counterpath.com/plan-select-solo/

2. Select "Bria Team". The cost is 5$USD per installation.

3. Click "Continue with Bria Team".

4. Create an account, and login into the Counterpath dashboard.

5. Under "Voice", click on the Screen_Shot_2020-01-23_at_12.50.29_PM.png icon.

6. Select "Configure SIP Settings" and configure it with the following information:


The domain will be your "Customer ID" in the goole sheet, in that format:  sip.client01.konexim.net

...click "Save" once the necessary fields have been modified.

7. Then, go under "Team" and click the Screen_Shot_2020-01-23_at_1.13.42_PM.pngicon next to "Team Member" to add an extension.

8. Set up the extension with the email of the person as well as the SIP information provided in the Google Sheet document:


...click "Add Members" once the necessary fields have been modified. The user will then receive an email with instructions to enter their information and to download the Bria softphone:


...repeat steps 7 to 9 for each user.


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