Yealink - Phone Installation (unboxing)


This section details how to install your Yealink phone:

  • Attach the stand or the optional wall mount bracket
  • Connect the handset and optional headset
  • Connect the optional USB flash drive
  • Connect the power

Assemble your phone

Attach the stand or the optional wall mount bracket

Desk Mount Method

Wall Mount Method (Optional - sold separately)

Connect the handset and optional headset


Connect the power

You have two options for power connections. Your system administrator will recommend which one you should use.

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • AC Power (Optional)

To connect the AC power:

Connect the DC plug on the power adapter to the DC5V port on the phone and connect the other end of the power adapter into an electrical power outlet.

Power over Ethernet: 

With the included or a regular Ethernet cable, the Yealink phone can be powered from a PoE-compliant switch or hub.

To connect the PoE:

  • Connect the Ethernet cable between the Internet port on the phone and an available port on the in-line power switch/hub.

Network Connection

There are two options for network connection. You can select one of them according to the current office environment:

  • Connecting to a wired network 
  • Connecting to a wireless network (not recommended, contact support for assistance) 

Connecting to the Wired Network

You can connect your phone to a wired network.

Before connecting your phone to a wired network, it is important to note that the Wi-Fi feature should be disabled (by default, it is). 

Connecting to the Wireless Network

For optimal voice quality, we recommend connecting your phone with an Ethernet cable.  You should contact our technical department to do some Wi-Fi tests before using a Yealink phone over Wi-Fi. 

Phone Initialization

After your phone is powered on, the system boots up and performs the following steps: 

Automatic Phone Initialization

The phone finishes the initialization by loading the saved configuration. The LCD screen displays “Welcome Initializing…Please wait” during the initialization.

Your phone will connect with the Foneco Zero Touch provisioning server.  If you provide our support team with the MAC Address of your phone, it will receive its configuration automatically.


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