Bria Enterprise - Adding Contacts

Permanently deleted user

To add a contact to your Bria Enterprise softphone:

  • Ensure that you are in the Contacts view by clicking on the “person” icon at the bottom of your Bria Enterprise window. Click on the Add Contact button on the top-right:

  • Enter the first and last name of your contact. The Display Name field will auto populate.
  • Select Softphone in the drop-down menu to the right of the Contact Editor window. Enter the contact’s phone number. Click the “+” button to add the phone number. Click OK.

To add contacts in bulk to your Bria Enterprise softphone:

  • Submit a request to your Croo support team to create a CSV file allowing you to upload contacts in bulk to your Bria Enterprise softphone.
  • We will need:
    • The extension number of each user
    • The first + last name of each user
  • Once you have received the completed CSV file:
    • Click the Contacts menu;
    • Click Import Contacts;


    • Browse to the location of the CSV file (1);
    • Select Append new contacts to existing contacts if you would like to add contacts in addition to contacts you have already added, OR select Import new contacts and erase existing contacts to delete existing contacts after importing your new contacts (2);
    • Select Subscribe to presence to view your contacts' status updates (Available, Busy, Unavailable/Offline) (3);
    • Click Start Import (4).



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