Croo Portal

  • Croo Portal - Teams

    A Team is a group of users that share the same function in a company. Users added to a Team will inherit th...

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  • Croo Portal - Policies

    *Please note that permissions/policies can only be granted to Users/Teams that have already been added to y...

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  • Croo Portal - Call History

    The Call History module allows a user to view their unique call history, or an administrator to view the ca...

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  • Croo Portal - Journeys

    The Journeys module allows you to view an agent’s daily activity in a timeline format. Click the Journeys ...

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  • Croo Portal - Queue Stats - Calls Table

    The Calls Table displays a factual representation of incoming calls to a queue(s). For each queue, the foll...

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  • Croo Portal - Adding a Widget

    A Widget is an add-on which allows you to view fully customizable statistics based on view and criteria. Yo...

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Croo Talk

  • Croo Talk - Features

    Making a Call  Dial the number you wish to reach Press the "Foneco" or "Call" button at the bottom of the ...

  • Croo Talk - Installation

    This guide contains images from an iPhone. however, the process is similar for Android devices.   Croo Talk...


CounterPath Bria

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Deskphones - Yealink


  • Voicemail - User guide

    Your new voicemail system has a lot to offer! This guide will help you maximize your productivity by making...


Fax & SMS to Email

  • SMS/MMS by email

    The SMS/MMS by email feature allows a user to receive and send SMS/MMS messages via email. To do this, make...

  • Fax2Email

    *Only pdf files are accepted*The system can't read password protected pdf files*The system can't read filla...



  • Disable SIP ALG on SonicWall

      Step-by-step guide Complete the following steps to properly configure your SonicWall device.  Note: These...